Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Afghan Project Pattern #112114 - Joining 3rd Strip, 9-Patch Complete

by M. J. Joachim

This is Post #4 of Afghan Pattern in the Making. Please see Post #1, Post #2 and Post #3 for previous pattern instructions.

Repeat Steps from Post #2 to join 3rd strip as follows (copied here for your convenience).

Use Color C

Match right sides together to join strips. You will be joining the long sides of each rectangle together

Step 1: Join Color C to end corner stitch of both rectangles; Chain 1, make 1 single crochet in same stitch

Step 2: Make 1 single crochet in each stitch across, matching and joining both rectangles together. Finish by making 1 single crochet in only the 1st stitch of the corner stitch of each rectangle together, leaving the other 2 stitches in each rectangle untouched.

Do Not Finish Off. After joining the 3rd strip, you will begin making the border around your 9-patch.

9-Patch Border

Step 1: Open joined strips. Slip stitch into each of next 2 stitches, so you are at 3rd stitch of corner square

Step 2: Chain 3 (counts as 1st dc); Make 1 dc in each stitch across center square

Step 3: Make 2 dc in last stitch of center square; skip seam, make 2 dc in first stitch of next square; make 1 dc in each stitch to corner of 9-patch

Step 4: Corner - Make 2 dc in 1st corner stitch, make 1 dc in center corner stitch, make 2 dc in third corner stitch

Step 5: Make 1 dc in each stitch to next corner of 9-patch; Repeat Step 4 for corner

Step 6: Make 1 dc in each stitch across 1st square to first seam where 2 strips of 3 squares are joined together; make 1 more dc in last stitch of 1st square prior to seam; skip seam - make 2 dc in 1st stitch of 2nd square

Repeat Step 6 across to next corner of 9-Patch for 3rd square and seam

Step 7: Repeat Step 4 for corner; make 1 dc in each stitch across side to 4th corner of 9-Patch; Repeat Step 4 for last corner

Step 8: Repeat Step 6 across last square to next seam, ending with 1 dc in same stitch as 1st chain 3 and joining with a slip stitch to top chain of first chain 3 in border. Finish off.

I plan to make a whole bunch of 9-Patches which I will eventually join together, sharing those steps with you here when I get to them. In the meantime, I’ll continue adding to this blog with other stitches and projects, because it will take me some time to make my 9-Patches for this afghan. Please stay tuned. I’m having a wonderful time sharing this Afghan in the Making with you and hope you are enjoying it as much as I am.

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M. J.

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