Friday, January 11, 2013

Crocheted Hearts from Bindu

We have our very first heart from yesterday’s challenge! And with it, we have a granny square heart, from the pattern I posted recently on our website.
I’ve been steadily watching my friend, Bindu, making a new crocheted hat this week. Such a cute brim on the finished product, covered in crocheted hearts!
Then I spied some of her artwork – neat idea to add a crocheted heart as a special effect.
Bindu keeps herself very busy. She has a delightful shop on Etsy, full of some very cute crochet designs. Hats, hair scrunchies, crocheted baby blankets, coaster sets…you name it, you’ll likely find it or something else you can’t live without at Bindu Designs on Etsy!

I couldn’t be more thrilled that Bindu took the challenge of turning our clover into a brand new heart for Valentine’s Day, and it’s positively wonderful to see the granny square heart she made, following my pattern!
Thank you, Bindu! Thank you very much for making me smile so big today!
M. J.
Photo Credits:  Bindu from Bindu Blogs
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