Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Reflections on the A – Z Blogging Challenge

This is a post that I want to write, I need to write, I have to write. It has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with crochet other than this…

Yes, good people, I did it! Those who traveled the journey with me will attest that my posts maintained high standards, ever endeavoring to give the people what they want – Lots of Crochet Stitches.

However, I’m not writing this post to toot my own horn for participating in and finishing the A – Z Blogging Challenge the way I intended. On the contrary, I’m writing this post to reflect on what truly transpired during the journey.

Alphabet letters became writing prompts.
Blogging took on new meaning.
Commenting and sharing my appreciation for other bloggers is a much improved habit of mine.
Dialog with fellow writers is positively grand.
Enthusiasm for writing has reinvigorated me.
Friends, some old, some new, are treasured in my heart.
Gladly following more blogs than I can count, and yes, I’m really reading them too!
Hogwash! Caption boxes are necessary – NOT!
Insightful – I learned so many new blogging skills from this Challenge, and a few things about myself too.
Junk – a few blogs were disappointing, very few. I wanted to read thoughtful posts, not excuses for poor posts or complaints about not wanting to post, but having to as part of the Challenge.
Kindness…my followers and fellow bloggers are so kind and very much appreciated!
Looking forward to checking my blogs throughout the day!
Multitude – There’s a multitude of possibilities for all those dreaded letters, if you know where to look.
Names – I’ll never be able to remember all the names of the fabulous bloggers I’ve met. Good thing they’re listed in my Reading List.
Optimism – writing is and always has been such a wonderful part of my life.
Pages on my blog have grown and even been added to…
Quirky posts from fellow bloggers helped me think outside the box for my own blogs.
Return visitors to my blog always make me smile, especially when they continue to leave me endearing comments and messages.
Strategy skills developed, particularly during the last week when I was in 2 blog challenges simultaneously.
Thankful…I’m more than thankful to have participated in this event.
Underestimated…and I thought all I was going to do was get a lot of blog posts written in April. So much more took place. I haven’t stopped writing since!
Valiant! Kudos to our valiant hosts of this phenomenal event!
Writing Tips for Success has been revitalized and will continue to be updated regularly. I’d love to see you all there. Please check it out and follow me there too.
Xanax can be deadly. I read that in one of the blogs I visited during this Challenge.
Yikes! What am I going to do with all the extra free time I’ve got now?
Zero in – I’m going to zero in on all the positive new blogging habits I developed in this Challenge. That’s what I’m going to do!

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