Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Chunky Pink Yarn Crochet Blanket, Phase 3

This is actually yesterday’s post. I simply ran out of time to get it posted, oh my! Sorry for the delay. Glad the A – Z Challenge was last month, because the current month has enough going on to keep me busy for the rest of summer, methinks….

Wordless Wednesday post to follow…

As you can see from the picture, phase 3 includes adding Mile-a-Minute afghan strips around all sides of the blanket, except the top. Math skills come in handy for this. I measured prior to making my motifs, so I could determine the approximate size each individual motif needed to be, as well as how long the strips should be to equal the length of my sides.

When it was time to join my sides, I counted my stitches. As expected, I had more stitches in my strips than on the actual sides I was joining them to, which meant I would need to evenly decrease the motif strips, throughout the attachment process.

I tallied up the sides of the afghan first. Then I tallied up the stitches in my motif strip. I subtracted the smaller number from the larger one, which let me know how many stitches I needed to decrease. I chose obvious points for decreasing – where the motifs were joined together and in the chain 2 spaces on the sides of my motifs. Doing the math beforehand prevents puckering and uneven sides from developing.

I joined the motif sides with single crochet, decreasing only on the motif strip and joining the last stitch of my decrease to the afghan sides I was joining it to.  

Needless to say, adding motif borders to a woven crochet pattern can be time consuming, but it also adds some interesting details to the project. It’s fair to say that it wouldn’t be too difficult to add crochet motifs to a winter sweater’s edge, or even a handmade tablecloth. I’m pretty certain you can follow the basic outline listed above to use this for almost any project you’d like.

Happy Wednesday, good people!

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