Tuesday, April 27, 2010

For the Love of Crochet

by M. J. Joachim 
Updated 4/19/16 

I’ve always loved crochet. I used to sit and watch my mom for hours as she made afghans for each one of her eight children; then she made baby blankets and booties for the grandkids as they came on the scene, one by one. 

My older sister preferred knitting and ended up using it in her career as a professional designer. Creativity never got lost on me. Once I learned crochet basics, I soon found myself experimenting with crochet in all sorts of different ways. Naturally I realize the benefit of tried and true wisdom, and I willingly take the time to learn my stitches correctly. 

Crochet is a wonderful activity because it helps you relax, while also producing something beautiful. There are lots of ways to enjoy crocheting, and it is an activity that crosses genders, is suitable for almost all ages and can be elegant, practical or playful. There are so many things one can make with crochet, which is one reason it is such a lovely pastime. 

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